Friday, September 28, 2012

Molly’s Fashion Sense


Molly’s fashion sense often involves a bathing suit.  And lots of stickers.  Sometimes it requires two ties, especially if she wants to dress up really pretty for church.

She is very adept at getting herself clothed and unclothed (she prefers unclothed) and because of this, it’s very difficult to keep clothes on her that she doesn’t want to wear.  This means she wears a small segment of her clothes all the time.

Yesterday she left the house wearing SIX pairs of underwear.  She still doesn’t like doing some of her business in the potty so at one point yesterday she was wearing a diaper AND six pairs of underwear.  Remarkable.










IMG_0863 IMG_0884

Tucker's Birthday Interview

I interviewed Tucker this year on his birthday to capture the essence of my favorite five year-old.  I hope that I remember to repeat this annually!

If I had to describe Tucker right now I would say he is very enthusiastic and positive and also sensitive.  He has really grown in his confidence, and loves to talk to adults now which is a very new development.  His stories crack me up, because he sometimes takes very circuitous ways of saying things.  He loves being one of the oldest kids in his preschool, and he is an amazing big brother.  We are having to teach him to protect himself and his toys from Molly just coming and taking them because he almost always just lets her have her way!

Tucker is developing new interests, especially in sports.  He loves running.  He wears workout shorts and no shirt to be like his daddy and often spends the afternoons helping Austin with his workouts, especially if they involve sprinting.  He has a Redskins helmet and we play tackle in the yard.  He recently started on a soccer team, and so soccer has now joined the fray as well.  For his birthday I ordered trophies from Amazon and conducted the Birthday Olympics so everyone could compete to their heart's content.  Tucker loved his trophy, and loved the competitions... but he struggles with losing (unsurprisingly).

His other favorite activity is listening to books on CD during rest time, and has been ripping through Roald Dahl books especially.  His favorite is the BFG, but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach were also hits.  In an interesting development, he has also started playing with trucks again.  I had put most of our matchbox cars in the attic as well as some of his large trucks, because he had completely lost interest in them.  Well, the interest is back, and it's like a throwback to when he was two.

This year on his birthday I let him start chewing gum.  He loves telling me all the things that he can do now: reaching the faucet, chewing gum, making toast, cutting cheese, I think I hear a new thing every day.

Happy Belated Birthday, Tucker!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quotes of the Day


Me: Do you know the Ten Commandments?

Tucker: I only know one of them.  Don’t pull hair.


Tucker and Austin are reading about a book about a super hero.

Tucker: Your muscles are bigger than the super hero’s. Do you think you could be a super hero?

Austin: I don’t know, what do super heroes need?

Tucker: Capes.

Austin: I think I can do a cape.  What else?

Tucker: A special outfit, and special tools.

Austin: Sounds manageable.

Tucker: They need to fly.

Austin:  I can’t fly.

Tucker: Well, maybe the cape will help.  I think you could be a super hero.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Quote of the Day

Tucker requested an intricately shaped pancake.

Austin: What do you think I am, Superman?

Tucker: Yep, I think you’re Superman.

First Day of Pre-K


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