Friday, February 6, 2015

Molly’s Thoughts on Life

On Charlottesville…

As we drove south out of Charlottesville, Molly looked out the car window down a hill in a small section of Charlottesville called Belmont.  I guess from the hill she could see pretty far because she gasped and asked…

Molly: Is that New York City??!!

On her grandmother:

Molly: Did GoGo come over on the Mayflower?

Me: No, the Mayflower was a long time before GoGo.

Molly: I think GoGo came over on the Mayflower because she was on a big ship instead of coming to my birthday party.

On kicking:

Occasionally, Molly and Tucker have some problems getting along.  Tucker came to tell Austin one day last week that Molly had kicked him.

Austin: Molly, did you kick Tucker?

Molly: No.

Austin: Tucker, what do you say happened?

Tucker launched into a long explanation of their latest sibling spat.  When he got to the part about Molly kicking him, he enacted what happened… but apparently not well enough because Molly started miming what she had done in the background to clarify..  Turns out her kick had more knee and more force than Tucker was giving her credit for and she needed to set the record state….  Sometimes it’s hard to discipline with a straight face!

On marriage:

Molly was sitting in the chair in Austin’s office while he worked, and she was mumbling about something or other.  Austin finally figured out that she was telling him about her marriage dilemma. 

Molly: I just don’t know who to marry!

Austin: Do you know a lot of boys you want to marry?

Molly: No.

Austin: What’s the problem, then?

Molly: I don’t want to marry anyone older than me, and I don’t want to marry anyone younger than me and I don’t know anyone who was born on the same day!

[Once Austin established that people don’t have to be born on the same day to marry, Molly quickly decided she’d marry her friend Lukey who is all of 7 weeks her senior.]