Saturday, May 16, 2015

Molly’s Ballet Class


Molly’s ballet class has been difficult to get good pictures of, so for the last Visitor’s Day of the year I did my best to get a lot of pictures.  Molly loves this ballet class.  This is one of the highlights of her week every week.  She is so animated when she is in this class and it has made her love dancing, classical music, and all the ways she can move.  It’s really fun to watch her having so much fun.  Here are some snap shots of her class this week.











 IMG_7467 IMG_7472 



IMG_7486 IMG_7495 IMG_7483






Monday, May 11, 2015

Troll Questions

When the bus drops Tucker off at the mailboxes we have a 5 or more minute walk back to our house.  If I ask him about school, I often don’t get very long responses.  But recently a troll started living at the top of our driveway.  The troll demands that Tucker answer four questions that he asks by the time Tucker reaches the driveway, or the troll will eat Tucker.

Tucker LOVES his troll questions.  Each day he wants to know what his troll questions are.  Of course, his favorite troll questions are “what did you eat for lunch?” “what did you do in gym?” and “what did you do for recess?”.  So the troll usually asks at least one of those questions.  But the troll also asks other things, and suddenly I am learning a lot more about what Tucker does all day.  The troll has not eaten Tucker yet, incidentally.

Hi, My Name is Emily

…and I am happy that I sleep through the night now.  Sometimes.



IMG_0948       IMG_0993   IMG_0968

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Quote of the Day

Molly: Today we planted flower seeds in school.

Me: What kind of flowers will they be?

Molly: I don’t know.  I hope they’re dandelions.

Emily at Two Months


…Is quite a sweetie, but not as easy as she was at one month!

Her favorite activity these days is naked bum time—lying on a mat with her diaper off and wiggling.  She looks like she is going to do a back somersault, she waves her legs around so much.  She also enjoys baths, being outside and the front pack.  She cracks huge grins and loves to be talked to.  She also loves to be sung to, especially if you do hand motions.  She is getting loved on pretty hard these days by Molly and we are having to teach Molly that babies don’t enjoy fingers poking their face at all times of day. 

She is not as interested in eating as either of my older two kiddos.  She is really particular about nursing and everything has to be just right or she screams very loudly and gives up.  To get her to try again I have to prop her up on a pillow and talk to her until she smiles, then give her a pacifier, then move her back into nursing position, then quickly switch out the pacifier for nursing… and I’m lucky if it works.  Nursing her outside the house under a nursing cover is next to impossible.  But since she isn’t as interested in eating as my other two, she goes longer outside the house without eating, and will be satisfied by playing with a couple ounces in a bottle.  Although she doesn’t seem bothered by not having a full meal and she easily makes it 2 or 3 hours till the next one that just means she’s hungry at night.  The best set-up for her and eating is in a dark room with me not reading and no other children around.  When does this happen?  Yes, night time.  Austin commented that he’s more tired with her at two months old than when she was a week old!

At one month she was 11 lbs 8 oz, at two months she is 13 lbs 6 oz which is about the 90th percentile, and same goes for height.  (Of course we were ten days late for our 2 month appointment so she’s a bit smaller percentile wise than that…)