Thursday, January 30, 2014

Clarence has a new trick

I’ve been wondering half-heartedly recently how Clarence has been getting into the trash in the kitchen.  Since it has a tight lid on it, I was guessing he was dragging things out when the trash gets close to the top and a little part of a bag started to stick out.  Wrong!  I caught him in the act just now of stepping on the level to open the lid so that he could help himself to the contents.

What a cute dog.  Grrrr….

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quote of the Day


Molly: I smell something, Mama?

Me: What do you smell? The bleach Daddy just used? The coffee I’m making?

Molly: I smell the paper towels.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas!


I just don’t think to blog anymore now that I’ve stopped regularly updating my other blog Growing Our Green Beans! But the kids continue to be funny, cute, and sweet… and wildly infuriating on occasion too.

We have had a wonderful Christmas, with my mom here and Austin’s sister’s family in town and of course, Henny and Papa as well.  We also went up to DC to see the sights (the zoo was the biggest hit, well, after the hotel).  We are very spoiled!

We have all been relatively healthy this fall/early winter which is awesome. Tucker loves school. I hear a lot about gym, lunch and the playground and significantly less about everything else. He is already ready to go back to school, even though his winter break has three more days! Tucker does everything Austin does now, and frequently checks in on what Austin’s choice is before making his own (i.e. food for lunch, clothes for church, etc.).

Molly is more ambivalent about preschool, but is surviving. She makes the most of it by wearing ridiculous outfits—tutus, Minnie Mouse dresses, fairy princess dresses, mismatching shoes…. I pick my battles and clothing is not one of them. Molly has the most delightful laugh, and is the most ambitious and stubborn girl in the house.  When asked what they wanted for Christmas, Tucker wanted an elf—he waxed eloquent about this elf, and about nothing elf. Molly, on the other hand, in the same time it took Tucker to request an elf, listed off dozens of items that she would like.  This girl has big ideas!  She also hates bugs and refuses to use the bathroom if it has a ladybug. The other day she saw a spider on her carseat; her blood curdling yell made me think we were being car jacked.

Clarence continues to be a very good bad doggy.  When we forget to watch him like a hawk, he enjoys stealing things from the sink… the counter… the table… kids’ hands… the bathroom… and everywhere else in between. He is currently sitting on top of the coffee table in front of me, staring me down.  Apparently, it is time he got some love. (So good he lets me know this….)

Tucker and Molly play amazingly well together. About 20% of the time it degenerates into screaming, but generally they are each other’s favorite people. They put on lots of shows, do lots of crafts, and well, just about everything else as well.

Happy New Year!

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