Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recent Pictures

Life is good, but very full these days.  Acutally, when has it NOT been full since I’ve had kids?  Especially since I’ve been working on getting some writing work going, I find lots more to do in my free time than I ever can get done.

Recent highlights: Tucker graduating from preschool, complete with cap and gown.  During the ceremony, Molly discovered that the bathroom in the church had an Elmo potty seat and spent the whole time trying to go potty… again… and again… and again.  It’s hard to play chicken with your two year-old about using the potty.

The kids’ cousins visited, and Henny gave Molly and Emery the same matching ballerina dress.  They felt very pretty—and were very cute too.

Molly and Tucker love to play together these days, and often entertain each other for hours.  It is awesome, and makes time around the house really fun.  They play in the sand together, paint together, create forts, color, play "night-night time”…. 

At 2 and a half, Molly is really talking a lot these days, and it makes life with her a lot quieter (less screaming) because it is easier for her to tell us what she wants.  She is at the stage that everything she says is cute.  When she’s in a good mood, she has a beautiful laugh and also loves to squeal with delight.  She is obsessed with coloring and colors so meticulously that I wouldn’t be able to tell who colored a picture, her or Tucker.  She goes through her coloring books page by page until she has done every single one.  She also loves to watch me and Austin color, and is very good at telling us where/what/when we need to be coloring on the page.  It is hard to read her books before rest time because she just wants to color with us instead.  She can also buckle herself into her carseat all by herself—a very useful trait, though sometimes very slow.  She is as independent as I was at that age, and seems to be a leader.  She is also our risk taker.  Today we found her after rest time sitting on top of her dresser, with all the drawers pulled out, putting on tights.  (There’s a reason we bolted that dresser to the wall.)

IMG_2363 IMG_2368 IMG_2432 IMG_2456 IMG_2475 IMG_2490 IMG_2508 IMG_2044 IMG_2088 IMG_2113 IMG_2147 IMG_2149 IMG_2180

Playing T-ball

Molly is a slugger!  She is amazing!  She can even hit wiffle balls out of the air--a new trick Tucker has just learned too.

Recent Quotes of the Day

Me (to Austin, while we’re watching golf): Is that Justin Rose or is that Adam Scott?
Tucker: Did you just ask if that was Batman?


Tucker (to Molly): Are you going to give me a spanking?