Monday, December 28, 2009

Random Pics from 2009

Here are a bunch of random additional pictures from 2009, courtesy of David and Helen!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


We had a fabulous Christmas in our home with all the grandparents on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and then we continued the celebration up in Maryland with Austin's sister and her husband. Some of the highlights included a singing Christmas tree hat, a playhut shaped like a bus, and lots of great time with family and friends!


Tucker enjoyed running around last week and shouting that he had "'monia" (pneumonia). I thought his enthusiasm (and utter lack of understanding of what he was saying) was cute.

More snow pics

I finally got out into the snow last week to take a few more pictures. It was an impressive snowfall--we got 27 inches at our house. By the time we left for Annapolis on the 26th, a week after the snow stopped, there was still patches of thick snow on some of the secondary roads near our house. That NEVER happens in Vermont!

Neither Tucker nor Ben enjoyed the snow all that much. Tucker preferred to play inside with his hat on (his new favorite game in the picture is transferring water between cups), even though we inflated his snow tube and wanted to drag him around on it. We also introduced him to sugar on snow for dessert one day, and he liked it except he wanted it warmed up. Hmmmm.