Monday, October 12, 2015


Molly and Tucker are both playing soccer this fall.  Molly is very into ballet—a phase she does not seem to be growing out of yet—and while I’m a fan of my kids only having one activity each week, I don’t want Molly to reach age 9 and decide she doesn’t like ballet and yet never tried any other sports.  So I’m signing her up for sports and ballet now (if she’s interested) when the sports are only 1x/week.  So far she has been lukewarm about soccer.  She liked spray painting her shinguards pink.  She likes running up and down the field in games.  I’m not so sure she touched the ball in any of the games, though.

Today both kids spent a good couple hours after lunch with their soccer balls.  Tucker was chipping his ball over the rebounder, trying to see how much air he could get.  Molly named her ball “Bally” and held a birthday party for it.  I thought it was a good illustration of their different approaches to soccer.