Thursday, December 3, 2015

Emily is 9 Months


Emily is 9 months old already. On the one hand it seems like she’s been a part of our lives forever, and yet how can she already be so big?

I took this shot of her this morning, trying to make it look like a studio picture… she happily cooperated for a little while, until she decided she really ought to be eating my camera, or the bear near her, or crawling off the bed.

She was 20 lbs 0 oz at the doctor yesterday, which is right at the 75th percentile. She’s about that in height, too.

She has happily been crawling for several weeks, though is still building up her stamina to actually go into new rooms to find people and ask to be picked up.

She is pulling up to her knees to try to find more interesting things to play with. She was very happy to discover the pot of cacti in the sunroom (see below). She is equally interested in the coffee table and seems hopelessly devoted to the cause of bumping her head on it.

She says “Mama” when she sees me.

She loves, loves, loves cheese.

IMG_8929She cries when the big kids exit the car at school in the morning. She also cries whenever we put her in her car seat (sorry little girl for all your car time…).

People stop me in stores to admire her hair-in-the-light-socket look, and I can’t believe I have a child that still has blue eyes at 9 months.

She is beautiful, fun, interested, happy and more. On the rare morning when she wakes up after I do, I lay in bed waiting to hear her. It is such a delight to go in and get her out of her crib, and her sheer joy in being alive and together again. She always makes sure to arch back and see if Daddy is still in bed, and if she has both of us there to admire her.

What an amazing gift it is to have Emily in our lives!

IMG_8924 IMG_8927